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The little things we do

Right before Corona virus became a pandemic, I had an opportunity to travel to Uganda to see my family, check on the children and seminarians that we support through generous efforts of many at Never Give UP Foundation.

The most exhilarating moment was my visit to St. Balikuddembe S.S Kisoga, a school run by Servants of Mary and a place where I spent a few years of my high school. I was so happy to see some of my former teachers, former seminarians and friends. And I also had a chance to catch up with the priests at St. Balikuddembe Kisoga Catholic Parish, and some of the them where part of my formation years, since I started my journey to priesthood in this same place.

But what was even more exciting was meeting some of the students in this school that we sponsor. They were excited to meet me and I learnt a lot about how much they have achieved in their studies, ever since they got sponsorship opportunities from Never Give Up Foundation.

Fr. Patrick with some of the students.

I had also carried some gifts from friends and this made their day even more special. This meeting re-affirmed to me that the little things we do for our brothers and sisters in need go a long way in creating long lasting change.

Fr. Patrick Kizza

Spiritual Director – Never Give Up Foundation.

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