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Don’t Give UP Foundation is a non-profit organization founded on the premise of love and care for others, as Jesus Christ teaches us in the scriptures.

The organization serves children in Uganda (Eastern Africa) that are not able to access education by offering scholarships to them, so that they can secure a future.

We focus on education because we believe that an empowered nation is an educated nation, capable of being independent and self-sustaining for themselves and generations to come.

We also support seminarians on their road to priesthood by enabling them to meet their cost share at seminaries across Uganda

The Foundation was founded by Rev. Fr. Patrick Kizza, a priest originally from Uganda, currently serving with the Diocese of Chicago, USA.

His motivation to start this foundation came from his own experience growing up. He went through a lot a child trying to access education. Most of the time, his parents couldnot afford the schools he wanted to go to. And even when he was a seminarian, he had to be at mercy of others for the money he needed for college and his personal basic needs. He believes that there are may children out there who want love school, and want to serve the Lord, but they have no means of access. We hope consider joinning Fr. Patrick to bring a smile to a child or a seminarian.

With God All is Possible.