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School Fees for 1 Year (High School)


Sponsor one child in A Level (High School) for one year. This amount will include school fees, a uniform, scholastic materials and lunch meals for one year of schooling (approx. 10 months) for children in any of classes from Senior Five to Senior Six. Your donation can go to a child you have chosen or you can let the foundation award it to one of the children under our scholarship fund.

Students who pass their O-level exams may progress to A-levels or the Higher School Certificate (HSC). This lasts two years, S5 and S6, after which students sit for the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) examinations. Obtaining an A Level Certificate is equivalent to a High School Diploma. Students can use this certification to join tertiary institutions like universities, colleges and vocational skills. They can also apply for low-skilled in construction, tourism, office administration, among other sectors.


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