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School Fees For One Term (Lower Secondary)


Sponsor one child in lower secondary (middle-high school) for one term. This amount will include school fees, a uniform, scholastic materials and lunch meals for one term of schooling (3 months) for children in any of classes from Senior One to Senior Four. Your donation can go to a child you have chosen or you can let the foundation award it to one of the children under our scholarship fund.

Pupils who pass their PLE can progress to secondary school. This has two stages; the first four years, senior one (S1) to senior four (S4), constitute the O-level period or lower secondary. At the end of S4, students sit the second major national exams known as the Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) or simply O-level examinations.

Students who pass their O-level exams may progress to A-levels or the Higher School Certificate (HSC). This lasts two years, S5 and S6, after which students sit for the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) examinations. Obtaining an A Level Certificate is equivalent to a High School Diploma. Students can use this certification to join tertiary institutions like universities, colleges and vocational skills. They can also apply for low-skilled in construction, tourism, office administration, among other sectors.


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